Success Stories

Transformational Program 90-Day Intensive

Nadya has been a great life coach! I am currently on week 5 of the 90 Day life transformation and it has worked beyond my expectations! If you listen to her advise and are honest with yourself you will achieve great results. - Kevin C.

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7 Day Cleanse Program

I shared my experience with Nadya about my struggles of losing weight and she in turn shared with me a wonderful experience. I joined her and a text group for a 7 Day Cleanse. It was simple and I didn't experience any hunger throughout the seven days. We continue to encourage each other via text messages and share our progress, what we were eating and photos of the healthy foods we were preparing. After the seven days we all shared our results and I had magically lost 10 pounds. I felt a lot more energy no more bloating or constipation which had been struggles I had experienced with the weight gain that I had. Thank you Nadia for listening to me and sharing Shaklee products :-) now I'm on to the my next adventure the 5 day kickstart to continue losing weight. - Karla T.

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7 Day Cleanse Program

Although it was a little rough for me the 1st two days, my body is doing pretty good now. And Nadya was absolutely right when she told me that it only take me about 3 days to get acclimated to the program, and now I don't even seem to miss the sugar and the bread. Although, looking forward to a well-deserved treat!  😆 I could easily see myself incorporating this plan into my weekly program about 2 to 3 days a week. 

An added side benefit that I didn't count on: the constant pain in my hip for the last 8 years seems to be greatly decreased to almost nothing. I think it has to do with the decreased inflammation. Not sure what to make of it, but I know it's not a coincidence.  Also, lost 4 lbs...yes!! And I "feel" lighter, if that makes sense. And friends are already commenting that I look smaller. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel really good!! 

I feel like a new woman! - Tiffany R.

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Vision Board

I watched Nadya's story about how the vision board worked for her for running! I, too, had given up on running, thinking my body just wasn't built for it and it was too painful. But I've always wanted to be a runner! So I thought- what the heck, I'm just going to try this- I've got nothing to lose. I've been wanting to create mine for some time, but that was the final inspiration.

- Rebecca Thornberry

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Transformational Program 90-Day Intensive

 The "Feeling and Looking good" program is a system that effectively reorganizes your daily habits into achieving success by using proven techniques, support, and accountability to succeed! Highly recommended. - Greg B. 

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5 Day Reset Program

 I have lost 5 lbs doing the 5x5 reset! My energy is good and I have noticed much reduced joint pain and increase in mental clarity. Thank you so much for all of the encouragement! I couldn't have done this without you all! - James C. 

14-Day Cleanse (Elimination Diet)

It has been an incredible experience for me! I have gone out of my comfort zone and pushed myself to stick to the rules. I would say I did it about 95%. I have lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks, slow but it's a healthy kind of weight loss in my opinion. I noticed that the restricted diet made me feel really good, more alert and light. I would recommend this to anyone willing to do a body cleanse. - Oksana B.

Turn Your Stress into Success in 30 Days!

I want you to know how much I am enjoying and benefitting from your short 30 day Turn Your Stress Into Success messages. I look forward to each one like a kid at Christmas. Each of them is a compact pearl of wisdom and challenge. I find myself asking how I measure up on any of the topics you cover. It’s a positive push to up my game and create even more success. You are an Awesome coach for me and many others. 

- Bob Ferguson, Shaklee Senior Master Coordinator, Executive Director Sustainable Living Coalition

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I am so grateful Nadya coached me through the money mirror exercise. She helped me recognize I have been putting limits on my very own financial success. With her fun and creative accountability I am not only helping myself but my clients get out of our own way and onto the path of success we were truly meant to. I love my coach Nadya! 

- Vanessa DeWolfe

I have worked with Nadya on numerous occasions; she really listens and is very encouraging and positive. Nadya has helped me get to the ‘why’ of decisions I make and things I avoid. She has also helped me reflect on my use of time, allowing me to focus on the top 5 priorities in my life and making time for what is important. Thank you Nadya; you are awesome! - Lo T.